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Airsoft Girls

Are you a girl that likes to play airsoft? The CAT Army is starting an airsoft club sticktly for girls. If you would like to join the CAT Army Girl airsoft club please send us an e-mail here.

What Do Airsoft Girls Do?

The CAT Army Airsoft club is for girls who love to play airsoft and want to talk with other girls about airsoft, guns, gear and what ever else is on their mind. CAT airsoft girl members may also post pictures of them with their gear, their guns or what ever else they want to. There are no requirements for girls to join this club and it's all just for fun. If you been on this site before you will get the general idea of what we are all about here and now is your chance to participate in the site.

CAT Airsoft Girls Club

Airsoft Girl Pictures
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Airsoft Girl Gallery

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